About Kids In America

Hey there, music lovers! We’re Kids In America, and if you’re yearning for a blast from the past, especially the iconic 80s, then you’ve hit the jackpot with us. As a renowned 80s cover band, we’ve dedicated our musical journey to reviving the vibrant era of the 80s, and guess what? We love it!

Our Roots: More Than Just a Band

Kids In America isn’t just a band; it’s a musical odyssey that started with our shared passion for the unforgettable decade of the 80s. Our journey began as an 80s tribute band, but our hearts couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of another era we deeply admire – the 80s. So, here we are, blending the best of both worlds, making us stand out as an 80s cover band with a twist.

Our Band: A Melting Pot of Talent

Each one of us in Kids In America brings years of experience to the table. We are a close-knit team who are not just bandmates but a musical family. Our respect for each other’s talents is the glue that binds us, having shared stages across the globe and performing over a thousand shows.

Our Music: A Diverse Repertoire

Our forte? We cover all styles of the 80s – pop, hair metal, new wave, and dance. We take immense pride in being an authentic 80s cover band, meticulously recreating the music to mirror the original sounds. Every performance is a journey back in time, and we’re your pilots!

Our Shows: High Energy and Nostalgia

Performing at various venues like festivals, weddings, theaters, clubs, and private events, we ensure each show is unique. Our high-energy performances are coupled with props and costumes that pay homage to the 80s. We’re all about engaging with our audience and encouraging everyone to sing and dance along, making every event a memorable experience.

Our Promise: Pure Live Music

Here’s something we’re super proud of – we’re an all-live band. No tracks, no shortcuts. Just pure, raw, live music. We believe in delivering the authentic experience of an 80s cover band, and what better way than to play every note live?

Our Gear: Only the Best

To deliver the best sound, we equip ourselves with top-notch gear, including guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and a state-of-the-art PA system. We use  the best gear as commitment to providing the best auditory experience reminiscent of the 80s.

Our Mission: Keeping the 80s Alive

As Kids In America, our mission goes beyond performing. We strive to keep the spirit of the 80s alive, ensuring that the music of this iconic era continues to resonate with fans of all ages. We go the extra mile to recreate the essence of the decade, making each performance a show and a time capsule that transports our audience back to the golden days of the 80s.

Our Invitation: Join the Retro Revolution

If you’re ready to relive the glory of the 80s or experience it for the first time, Kids In America is here to take you on that journey. We’re more than just an 80s cover band – a portal to the past, a bridge to an unforgettable era, and your ticket to a musical adventure. Join us, sing with us, dance with us, and let’s keep the spirit of the 80s alive together!

So, are you ready to travel back in time? With Kids In America, every show is a new adventure, a new opportunity to relive the era of the 1980s. We’re here to ensure that the music, the energy, and the nostalgia never fade away.