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We are a cover band dedicated to making your next function, event, party or live music venue a retro success!


Call us and let's craft a set-list that your audience will love.


We bring you New Wave, Pop, Dance, Rock, & Hair Metal.


Kids In America is the a complete experience, so be prepared for an ultra, high-energy show and a really good time!


Ready to be blasted into the past? Kids in America is a high-energy, power-packed, ultra-fun, 6-piece band playing to the totally awesome tunes of an epic era of music. We cover all genres from this timeless decade. From new wave, pop, dance, rock, hair metal, and sing-along iconic ballads. Kids in America specializes in recreating the decade visually and musically by delivering authentic sound with a vivid show for your favorite hits. We encourage crowd participation so our fans have a fun experience at every event. We love this!

Our shows cover the biggest hits and artists of this iconic era!  We incorporate costumes, props, and performances to provide a full-stage show! Kids in America Band brings any festival, event, or party to the next level! Book us now to regain memories and create new ones to last forever.

We are Kids In America, your gateway to reliving the unforgettable 1980s. As lovers of this vibrant decade, we’ve dedicated our musical endeavors to recreating the essence of the 80s and reveling in it!

More Than a Band

 We’re a tribute band with a unique edge, merging our love for this decade with a distinct flair.

A Fusion of Skills

We are an experienced group of musicians. Comprising four lead vocalists, both male and female, we’re not just a group but a musical clan. Our mutual respect’s abilities are our cornerstone, uniting us as we’ve performed together worldwide in numerous shows.

Every Genre

Our specialty lies in embracing all the diverse styles – think pop, hair metal, and dance. We strive for authenticity, carefully reproducing the sounds to reflect the original magic. Our performances are like a ride in a time machine. 

Our Performances

We light up various stages – from festivals and weddings to theaters, clubs, and private events. Every performance is crafted to be distinct and brimming with energy. Our shows are embellished with props and costumes throughout. We invite everyone to join the fun, ensuring every event is unforgettable.

An Authentic Band

One of our proudest features is being a purely live band. There are no backing tracks or shortcuts – just genuine, unfiltered, live music.  moment.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to ensure the era’s music remains a vibrant part of people’s lives, regardless of age. 

Step Back in Time

Prepare for a trip down memory lane with Kids In America. Every performance is a chance to relive or discover the magic. We’re dedicated to preserving the music, energy, and nostalgia of this unforgettable era.

We Also Do a Tribute To Two Other Memorable Decades. Check Them Out!

Shannon Remley

Lead Vocals

Paul Miller

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Logan Hendley

Bass Guitar & Vocals


Lead Guitar & Vocals

Dave Lickert

Keyboards & Synths

Mike Graci

Drums & Electronic Percussion

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